Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cross Bronx is slowest route in the US

Last week, the New York Post quoted that a study done by INRIX, a traffic research firm, said that the Cross Bronx Expressway is the slowest route in the United States. The Cross Bronx has four of the country's eleven worst bottlenecks; the third worst being where the Cross Bronx meets the Sheridan.

Adopting the New Community on the Sheridan Plan and taking out the Sheridan Expressway would reduce traffic congestion in the area and also open up that land for economic redevelopment. The finding by INRIX underscores the need to rethink our transportation system. The New Community Plan provides a plan for much-needed economic development while improving traffic flow and providing transportation alternatives! The Sheridan lands are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.. let's make sure that what happens there benefits the South Bronx.