Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sign the Petition

The SBRWA has created an online petition so that you can show your support for alternative 1E! Alternative 1E is currently being evaluated by the NYSDOT and decommissions the Sheridan Expressway, which would open up 28 acres of land to be developed as envisioned by the New Community on the Sheridan Plan. The other alternative being evaluated, 2E, retains the Sheridan.

Both plans feature new ramps at Oak Point freight yard that connect the Bruckner Expressway to Hunts Point. These ramps would take trucks off local streets by creating a direct exit into Hunts Point and further erase the need for the Sheridan. Both alternatives will provide a direct route to the Hunts Point Markets, but only 1E creates room for housing, open space, and businesses, whereas 2E keeps the 'highway to nowhere' there forever.